National Maternity Hospital


Joint Committee on Health – Remit and Membership

This Committee’s primary function is to consider matters of policy and governance for which the Minister for Health is officially responsible as well as considering Government policy relating to bodies which come under the aegis of the Department of Health.

It’s role is to consider such Bills, proposals contained in any motion, Estimates for Public Services or any other matters referred to the Select Committee by the Dáil.


National Maternity Hospital

This page is an attempt to assist people to communicate their feelings, about the National Maternity Hospital, to the Minister for Health and to the members of the Oireachtas Health Committee.

Users can email the Minister by clicking “Minister”.

Users can email the Committee members jointly (all at once) by clicking ” All Members of the Committee”
or preferably
individually – click “Show Details….” and then click the individual emails of each Committee member.


A suggested letter to which you can add content or from which you can remove content is included and is as follows:

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As stated earlier you are invited to add or to remove content from this draft letter.

This letter will be sent from your email address and please put your name to it after “Yours faithfully”.

Yours details are not collected or stored by this site.



Chair: Michael Harty

Vice-Chair: Louise O’Reilly


Email:     All Members of the Committee                   Minister for Health    





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